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Recurve Puppy Information...

Thank You for your interest in a Recurve Puppy!

We will be accepting applications for our 2024 Spring/Summer litters shortly. If you wish to apply, please ensure you review our Guidelines provided below and keep a close eye on our socials.


Due to high demand we do not have a formal wait list system. Instead, we will notify you when we resume accepting new puppy applications for forthcoming litters through our website and social platforms. There might still be a waiting period for a puppy since we cannot foresee availability based on factors like gender, conformation, or health. We urge those interested in acquiring a puppy to stay updated by following our Website, Instagram or Facebook page for announcements and updates.

Puppy Application

We are currently not accepting applications for our waitlist. When we have confirmation of an expected litter, our application will open back up. We hope to be expecting our next litters 2024 spring/summer.

Telephone Interview

Upon receipt of your completed application, The next step is arranging a telephone interview. Kindly be aware that not all applications will be selected for a telephone interview.

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